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Developer: Roseportal Games

Number of my tracks featured: 8

Soundtrack co-written with:

Glenn Murawski, Matthias Verbinnen, Tarissa Tavelier, and Brian Coffi

My thoughts:  Whisper of a Rose has recently been my main source of musical attention. I was glad to be given the chance to write some of the music to such an amazing work of art. I also had the opportunity to work with very skilled colleagues; some old, some new. The songs I contributed to WoaR, like the rest of the soundtrack, were inspired very much by the whimsical and mysterious world the game is set in.

 09 - Dreams


 Plays in the Entrance to the Dream


 20 - Valentown


 Theme music for the sickeningly

 lovey-dovey city.

 23 - Six Feet Under


 Dungeon-crawling music in an area full

 of Undead.

 29 - Never Forget (Album Mix)

 The album mix of the song used during

 one heck of a moving cutscene.

 35 - Desert Dance


 Plays on desert maps.

 42 - Castle of Coals


 Background music for a Medieval town

 atop a volcano.

 45 - Stagefright


 Boss-fight music for an insane,

 murderous, circus-clown.

 51 - Starscape (Bonus Track)


 An early draft of "Dreams", which was

 found to be a bit too nice-sounding.